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herbalfacefood.com 20% OFF with code GCE30
Face serums – Plants have been healing skin, fighting off viruses for eons, and have built up powerful immunities.

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The Start of Something Revolutionary

Hi, I’m J. Michael Zenn – creator and founder of Herbal Face Food and The Skincare Revolution. I desire to share a deeply private story with you on how I’ve come to be a creator and founder in a splendor enterprise desperately in want of a makeover.

You see, I honestly be aware of what it is like to see my face and pores and skin go from youthful, unblemished radiance to some thing a whole lot much less than perfect. It used to be extraordinarily painful to experience. My face had come to be severely damaged. I spent 15 years exposing my pores and skin to the harsh prerequisites of tanning beds, unwittingly causing severe hyper-pigmentation on my face. I used to be informed by way of severa skincare experts that the harm used to be permanent. While a rapid repair of bleaching and laser surgical treatment may help, it would by no means be cured and the hyperpigmentation would come back. I used to be greatly surprised and dismayed that cutting-edge science and the world’s most superior skincare laboratories did no longer have a long-term answer for me.
So I had to take my pores and skin into my personal hands, and seem for the reply outdoor the lab.