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herbalfacefood. com 20% OFF with code GCE30

Face serums – Plants have been healing skin, fighting off viruses for eons, and have built up
powerful immunities.

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The Start of Something Revolutionary

Hi, I’m J. Michael Zenn – creator and founder of Herbal Face Food and The Skincare Revolution. I favor to share a deeply private story with you on how I’ve come to be a creator and founder in a splendor enterprise desperately in want of a makeover.

You see, I without a doubt recognize what it is like to see my face and pores and skin go from youthful, unblemished radiance to some thing an awful lot much less than perfect. It was once extraordinarily painful to experience. My face had end up severely damaged. I spent 15 years exposing my pores and skin to the harsh prerequisites of tanning beds, unwittingly inflicting severe hyper-pigmentation on my face. I used to be instructed via severa skincare gurus that the harm was once permanent. While a rapid repair of bleaching and laser surgical operation may help, it would in no way be cured and the hyperpigmentation would come back. I was once stunned and dismayed that cutting-edge science and the world’s most superior skincare laboratories did now not have a long-term answer for me.