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Why the name Mochi?
Mochi—a bite size dessert—signifies the small moments of joy in life.

It’s a reminder to live today, that no matter where you are in your journey, whether that involves weight loss or not, that we should center ourselves around what is good & use that as fuel to build towards the tomorrow of our dreams.
Our Mission

Healthcare has a history of blaming weight as some type of moral failing on the patient.

We listen. Our mission is to make our patients feel heard and understood. We connect our providers with patients to discuss evidence-based weight loss strategies using every tool in our belt: Licensed RDNs, MDs who are Board Certified in Obesity Medicine, CBT-i for sleep therapy, and prescription medication. We customize treatment approaches based on eligibility form responses to provide the best results. Customizable treatment, that best suits your weight-loss needs.
Myra Ahmad
Developed by real doctors
Meet Our Founder

Between research and medical school, I had chosen to commit my life to helping the most vulnerable patients. I wanted to provide accessible care for communities traditionally ignored by healthcare: those without insurance, those facing language and cultural barriers, or those in rural communities.