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whatif-foods.com 10% off Bamnut Sale!

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We’re a regeneration movement.
We are connecting and replenishing everything.
Why cease at top enough, when we recognize there can usually be A Better Better?


We are WhatIF Foods and we trust in a higher better.

Tasty, scrumptious meals that are higher for our bodies, higher for our style buds and farmer buds alike. Better for degraded lands, our eco-systems and naturally… higher for cows.

Better for aliens who are possibly upset we’re hurting the earth they’ve been patiently ready to conquer. Better for zombies who crave healthful our bodies (and brains).

Regenerative meals are actually higher for everyone.

This is higher than plant-based food. It’s planet-based food.

The product of a query we ask ourselves each day – What if…there’s A Better Better?

Your Impact

Let’s make a trade for the better. Even little modifications make a difference. If we begin the use of regenerative vegetation for our food, we will make an impact. A large influence that our future selves will thank us for.

A Better Better starts offevolved with Regeneration

So, the place do we begin? Good information is, we’ve already started.

We’re harvesting a mostly forgotten plant, a hero crop, with regenerative exceptional powers.It’s known as the Bambara Groundnut. Or BamNut, as it has been fondly nicknamed.